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Commercial Use Garlic Peeling Machine

rqi Mar 25 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
This garlic peeling machine is mainly suitable for factories or small garlic processing plants. It is worth mentioning that the output of our garlic peeling machine can be customized, but this garlic peeling machine cannot be used alone, it needs to be used with an air compressor.If you have your own air compressor, then you only need to buy a garlic peeler machine  to use it, but you still need to check your product power information with our product engineer.And we also can offer the garlic peeling machine line . Include the garlic separating machine,chain type garlic peeling machine, conveyors,picking platform,sorting machine, air compressor,packing machine.

industrial garlic peeling machine

More Feature About The Garlic Peeling Machine :

 1. Adopt the specially designed peeling principle, during the peeling process, the garlic clove is peeling completely without the effect of hardness and friction to ensure the integrity, freshness and non-pollution of the processed product.
2. It has the function of automatic flap feeding and peeling, and at the same time saves electricity, energy saving, high yield and efficiency, and is easy to clean.
3. Equipped with automatic material guide device, the garlic and garlic peel are separated automatically, and the product conforms to hygiene standards. In addition, because the garlic clove is not easy to damage, it can be stored for several days after peeling.
                                               Final Product
garlic peeling machine price