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How To Start The Palm Date Process Business?

rqi Mar 05 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
Palm date is a kind of pure natural dried fruit, which is rich in nutrients, especially the high sugar content, moderate consumption can supplement nutrition for the human body, and eating two when hungry can relieve hunger. Moreover, fresh dates have a good effect on speeding up metabolism and promoting detoxification of the body.So, palm date business have the big market.Start the palm date food process business can make you get the big profit.
How To Process Palm date?
Firstly step:palm date washing and drying :
palm date washing drying machine
Here we will give you a brief introduce about this palm date washing drying machine line;

Multi-function bubble cleaning machine is the main pre-process equipment in the process of food processing, suitable for all kinds of fresh vegetables, salted vegetables, fungi, seafood and other materials cleaning, the main removal of material sediment, hair, salt and other foreign bodies.

Next palm date sorting and  packing :We have the palm date sorting machine and packing machine,you can use  the sorting machine to get the Suitable product
As the packing type,Of course, you can choose vacuum packaging, bagged or bottled, no matter what kind of packaging you want, we can provide the solution.And our machine and solution can be customized.In short, we can meet your any requirement.
palm date sorting machine
Except the washing drying packing machine line, we also have the palm date seeds remove machine.It’s worth mentioning that for thismachine, we have two different options: semi-automatic and automatic. If your budget is not a lot, you can choose semi-automatic machines that can not only meet your previous budget but also bring you profit. 
palm date pitter machine

This date palm seed removing machine is special designed for removing the seeds of date palm, successfully solved the problem of date palm's pitting difficulties. Wide range of adaptation, large range of compatibility.Each dates can be accurately positioned, achieve precisely pitting.