Ginger Juice Production Line Solution

ginger juice production line
Introduction Of The Ginger Juice Production Line Solution :
This is the multi-function use ginger juice production line, the production process is simple, easy to operate. The ginger juice production strictly in accordance with international standards of manufacturing process, end products meet the requirements of food GMP health conditions . End products no need to be refrigerated transport and storage, product packaging form can be configured according to customer requirements.
Ginger Juice Process Flow:
Ginger-Washing and peeling-Crushing-Juicing-Filtering-Concentrating-Mixing-UHT-Filling-Packaging.
ginger juice process machine line
1. Raw material processing:split the fresh ginger that needs to be processed, and wash away the soil and impurities with clean water;
2. Crushing: Use a crusher to crush the fresh ginger block into a coarse slurry. Because the ginger contains a lot of wood fiber, the selected crusher must have sharp crushing tools and screen holes;
3. Enzymatic treatment of fruit pulp; proper enzymatic treatment of fresh ginger fruit pulp can significantly increase the juice yield. Conditional production lines must have pulp heating and stirring devices;
4. Squeeze juice to extract juice; import the enzymatically hydrolyzed fruit pulp into Kaiyi KAAE belt juicer for juice extraction;
5. Pre-treatment of enzymatic hydrolysis; including pre-killing, adjusting PH value;
6. Enzymatic hydrolysis treatment; control the temperature of the reaction substrate at 50-55℃, add pectin decomposing enzyme, cellulase and other comprehensive enzyme preparations under uniform stirring, the action time is 50-60 minutes;
7. Centrifugal separation; the above-mentioned juice is further processed by a high-speed centrifuge to improve the purification effect of the juice liquid;
8. Ultrafiltration treatment: use a diatomaceous earth filter or ultrafiltration unit to further process the centrifuged ginger juice to obtain pure fresh ginger juice;
9. Concentrated processing; in order to facilitate storage, long-distance transportation, product export and meet the processing requirements of other products, the fresh ginger juice needs to be further concentrated and processed to make 36°Bx ginger concentrated juice, which is filled in aseptic bags or vats ;

Final Product
ginger juice production line
Application Scenario
Technical Data
Machine Name Machine Size(mm) Power(Kw)
Bubble type washing machine 2600×1000×1600 4.75 
Plate hoist 3000×900×2000 0.75 
Hammer crusher 1050×750×1800 4.00 
Forced feed pump 1500×370×420 1.50 
Spiral fruit juicer 1580×420×1400 4.00 
Temporary storage tank Φ1000×600 0.00 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Preheater 1500×460×1100 0.00 
Enzymatic hydrolysis tank Φ1200×1900 1.50 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Plate and frame filter 600×300×500 0.00 
Temporary storage tank Φ1000×600 0.00 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Diatomaceous earth filter 950×300×420 0.00 
Mixing tank Φ1450×2300 2.20 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
High pressure homogenizer 1300×1100×1300 22
Juice storage tank Φ1450×2000 0
Vacuum degasser 1850×1000×2300 1.5
Sterilizer machine 2000×1200×2000 5
Fruit juice finished can Φ1450×2000 0

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