Mango Juice Process Line Solution

mango pulp plant
Gelgoog mango juice process line Manufacturer has formed its unique and beneficial characters in design and process technology. Thanks to our much experience over 100 whole lines, Gelgoog mango juice process line Manufacturer could supply Mango production line With Better Quality and customize including Plant Construction, Equipment Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning and Production.
Flowchart for mango processing line
how to make manfo juice
Main features of the mango juice making machine line:
1) All the machines are made of SUS 304, 316L optional.
2) Finally Packaging: usually, filled with aseptic bag in drum or aseptic bag in box. and then packed with small packaging. such as: plastic bottle, glass bottle, can, jar, tetra pack etc.
3) The line is also suitable for processing the fruits that share the similar characteristics.
4)Adopt 'hot-break' or 'cold-break' techniques to produce fruit paste  which is different viscosity. 
5) The production process fully automatic PLC control to save labor and faciliate production management.
6) Low-temperature vacuum evaporation, maximize reserve the flavor substances and nutrients, also save energy.
7) Tubular UHT Sterilizer and aseptic filling machine, produce high-quality fruit paste products.
Mango Pulp Making Machine :
mango juice making machine
Final Product
mango process machine plant
Application Scenario
mango juice making line
Technical Data
Machine Name Machine Size(mm) Power(Kw)
Bubble type washing machine 2600×1000×1600 4.75 
Sorting machine 3500×1000×1200 0.75 
Brush type cleaning machine 2500×700×1100 0.75 
Plate hoist 3000×900×2000 0.75 
Hammer crusher 1050×750×1800 4.00 
Forced feed pump 1500×370×420 1.50 
Spiral fruit juicer 1580×420×1400 4.00 
Temporary storage tank Φ1000×600 0.00 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Preheater 1500×460×1100 0.00 
Enzymatic hydrolysis tank Φ1200×1900 1.50 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Plate and frame filter 600×300×500 0.00 
Temporary storage tank Φ1000×600 0.00 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Diatomaceous earth filter 950×300×420 0.00 
Mixing tank Φ1450×2300 2.20 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
High pressure homogenizer 1300×1100×1300 22
Juice storage tank Φ1450×2000 0
Vacuum degasser 1850×1000×2300 1.5
Sterilizer machine 2000×1200×2000 5
Fruit juice finished can Φ1450×2000 0

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