Gelgoog Tomato Ketchup Production line

tomato ketchup production line
The tomato ketchup production line includes the tomato lifting system, cleaning system, sorting system, crushing system, preheating and inactivating enzyme system, beating system, vacuum concentration system, sterilization system, aseptic filling system.
 Process flow and equipment of tomato sauce production line:
 1. Tomato cleaning:It can also wash away the soil, sand, microorganisms and pesticides attached to the tomato surface. Then it enters the washing machine and then strengthens the cleaning. .
 2. Broken:Crushing tomatoes is for better pulping and improving pulping rate. Tomato crushing is divided into hot crushing process and cold crushing process. The crushing method used has a certain relationship with the quality of raw materials and the quality requirements of products.
 3. Preheating and inactivating enzymes: heat to 80-85℃ immediately after crushing. Generally speaking, the cold crushing process is that the tomatoes are preheated after crushing, and then immediately beaten, and the preheating temperature is below 80 °C. The thermal crushing process is that the tomatoes are heated at 80-85 ℃ immediately after being crushed, and then heated in the thermal crushing system, and stay in the crushed material tank for a period of time before beating.
 4. Beating and refining: Pour the tomatoes into the beater, crush the pulp, and remove the peel and seeds. The beating machine is preferably a double-pass beating machine. The diameter of the first sieve hole is 1.0-1.2mm, and the diameter of the second sieve hole is 0.8-0.9mm.
 5. Vacuum concentration: After beating, the juice is vacuum concentrated immediately to prevent layering due to the action of pectinase.
 6. Filling: Tomato paste can be packed in bottles of various specifications, but the bottles must be washed and sterilized before use. In order to avoid the entry of air and ensure the vacuum degree in the bottle during canning, it is often used to fill the bottle while hot after cooking (the temperature is kept above 85 ℃), and then immediately vacuum seal.
7. Sterilization and cooling: The temperature and time of tomato paste sterilization and cooling sterilization are determined by the heat transfer property of the packaging container, the amount of filling and the concentration and rheology of the sauce body. After sterilization, tinplate cans and plastic bags are directly cooled with water, while glass bottles (cans) should be gradually cooled and cooled in stages to prevent the container from breaking. After cooling, air-dry or dry the moisture on the surface of the bag, and it can be shipped out after passing the inspection.
ketchup production line
Gelgoog tomato ketchup production line solution is all made of stainless steel (the parts in contact with the material), which are easy to clean and hygienic. Large capacity, high work efficiency, and significantly improved output. 
The ketchup is processed in an airtight environment, preserving the original flavor and overall nutrition. At the same time, it can meet the needs of cross-season compound production of carrot jam, strawberry jam, chili jam, blueberry jam and other products.
Final Product
tomato ketchup
Application Scenario
sauce production line
Technical Data
Description Technical specifications
and drying machine
◎Water recycling system;
Crusher machine ◎Capacity:0.3-0.5t/h;
Heating and concentration/sterilization ◎Capacity:200liters;

Sachet packing
◎Packing Range: 10-100grams.
◎Packing Speed: 40-80 bags/min

Sterilizer machine
◎The bottle will be sterilized in the hot water between 60-80℃.

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