Automatic Banana Chips Making Machine Line Solution

plantain chips line
brief introduction of the banana chips making machine line:
The production line can be used for potatoes or sweet potatoes and plantain or bananas. The final product can be French fries, frozen French fries or potato chips, and fried plantain or banana chips
Flow chart of the high temperature banana chips production line:
banana chips making machine line
Detailed instruction of the high temperature banana chips production line machines
1. Banana slicer: For small capacity we can use the small type banana slicer. For large industrial capacity, we need to use the vegetable cutter type slicer just by changing the cutting knives.
2. Banana chips blanching machine:Fruit and vegetable blanching machine is used to cook all kinds of fruits and vegetables so that the original color of the products can be kept. 
3.First fryer machine:Heating source for the fryer are versatile to choose: coal, electricity, gas, thermal oil and diesel etc. The length and effective width of the mesh belt is based on the capacity needed.
4.. First Vibration screener:To avoid the banana chips to stick together.
5. Sugar dipping tank:To get the banana chips deeply immersed in the tank to add sugar for the banana chips.
6. Second fryer machine:To fry the banana chips again.
7. Second vibration screener:To avoid the banana chips to stick together. And here we also add the stainless tank and spraying nozzles to spray the banana essence to the banana chips to make it taste like banana flavor.
8. Packaging machine:Multihead packaging machine or vertical packaging machine can be chosen based on specific packaging requirements.

 More Feature of banana chips making production line 
1Banana chips processing line is to make banana chips/banana slices.
2All machines are made of food grade 304 stainless steel.
3This line including banana cutting machine cut to slices, banana slices frying machine, then into de-oil machine to remove oil of fried banana slices to keep banana slices' taste and nutrition, after de-oil will into seasoning machine to add taste.
4Processing capacity can be customized. 
Final Product
banana chips making machine
Application Scenario
Technical Data
Plantain Chips Making Line Equipment                                                           500kg/h(Capacity)  
Equipment Name Power Size  
Plantain Chips Cutting Machine 1.1KW 900*700*1100                      
Elevator 0.55KW 1800*1100*1500  
Fryer Mamchine 120KW(henating)
oil filter 1.5KW(oil pump)  
Vibrating De-oiling Machine 0.25KW*2 Φ1.2*1.8  
Drye Machine 1.1KW(conveying)
0.55KW*6(six fans, each 0.55kw)
Elevator 0.55KW 4000*1200*1600  
Fryer Mamchine 100KW(heating+1.1KW(conveying)
1.5KW(oil pump)
oil filter 1.5KW(oil pump) 3500x1400x2200  
Vibrating De-oiling Machine  0.25KW*2 Φ1000*1500  
Drye Machine 1.1KW(conveying)+0.55KW*8
(8 fans, each 0.55kw)
Elevator 0.55KW 1800x1100x1500  
Seasoning Machine 1.5KW 1800*900*1600

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