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date sorting machine
palm date grading machine
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commercial palm date sorting machine
This palm dates grading sorting machine is mainly classified according to the diameter of fruits and vegetables to meet consumers' different  fruits and vegetables size requirement .Mainly used in dates, garlic, jujube, grey jujube, golden silk jujube, hawthorn, sea buckthorn, kumquat, sugar orange, lychee, longan and other fruits and vegetables.
palm date sorting machine
Advantage of the palm date grading sorting machine :
1.The machine body length is increased to three meters, and the fruits and vegetables can be divided into 4-7 levels according to the diameter of the fruits and vegetables Grade
2.After sorting,make the fruit and vegetables more even, and the grade is finer.
3.It is not easy to damage the peel during the sorting process of palm date and jujube, and the screening effect is very uniform.
4.This palm dates sorting machine with the advantage of Stable performance and strong toughness, overcome the shortcomings of traditional conveyor belts that are easy to arrange, break and age
5.One machine with multiple functions, good effect, saving time and effort
6.Simple operation, low power consumption, low noise, harmless to fruits, easy to maintain.
7.Best price, good performance, easy to operate, low failure rate and long service life. I t help the user be able to afford, use well and high efficiency.
If You Have Interested ,We also can offer the date pitter machine for you 

date seeds remove machine

Gelgoog Also can provide the fruit washing sorting machine line for you ,
This fruit washing and sorting machine is widely used in various fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apples, cherries, lemons, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cassava, potatoes and so on.
fruit washing sorting machine
Technical Data
Machine name Fruit sorting machine
Raw material strawberry,date,olive,cherry,kiwi,hawthorn,litchi,walnut and others
voltage 220V
Powder 0.55kw
capacity 1000kg/h(different fruit have different capacity)

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