Onion Peeling Washing Processing Solution

onion peeling machine line
onion peeling machine
onion processing machine
Onion peeling and washing line is an automated food processing equipment specially used to remove the outer skin of onions and wash them to meet the needs of subsequent processing or direct sales.
onion peeling and washing line
  • High degree of automation: The onion peeling and washing line realizes fully automated operation from peeling to washing, reduces manual participation, and improves production efficiency.
  • Good peeling effect: Advanced peeling technology is adopted to ensure the onion's surface is smooth and undamaged, and the onion and onion skin are automatically separated.
  • Thorough washing: The washing line is equipped with bubble tumbling flushing, brushing, and spraying technology to effectively remove impurities and residues on the surface of the onion and ensure cleanliness of the onion.
  • Hygiene and safety: The entire production line is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the national food industry use standards and ensures the hygiene and safety of the food processing process.
  • Improve product quality: Through automated peeling and washing, the appearance and quality of onions are improved to meet the market demand for high-quality vegetables.
  • Customized production: Different production line equipment can be customized according to different customer requirements to produce different products
onion peeling machine line
The application of onion peeling and washing line has greatly improved the automation level and product quality of onion processing, and brought significant production efficiency and economic benefits to food processing enterprises.
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