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Industrial Use Yam Washing Peeling Machine 
The yam washing peeling machine can be used in root vegetables wash and peel ,like potato.,yam,rootbeer ,carrot,radish ,etc And this industrial yam washing peeling machine is mainly composed of motor, speed changer and brush roller, etc.The brush peeling machine uses the principle of brush friction to process root vegetables.
yam washing peeling machine line
Feature Of The Yam Washing Peeling Machine
1. This washing machine widely use in various kinds of fruit, root vegetable, shellfish, seafood, fish scaling and animal organs washing, etc.
2. This yam washing peeling machine is made of the high quality 304 stainless steel.
3. This washing machine can dry clean and wet clean, with flexible spray nozzle. 
4. We have the customization services, can add washing speed adjustable device, extra water tray, etc.
5. Dirt and sediment are removed with circulation of water.
6. This yam washing peeling machine also named potato washing peeling machine,It can work continuously. 
7. With the advantage of the high-efficiency, easy to operate.
Technical Data
Model Power(KW) Size(mm) Feed height(mm) Discharge height(mm)
GGSX800B 2.2 1100*950*1150 930 530
GGSX1200B 2.2 1500*950*1150 930 530
GGSX1500B 2.2 1900*950*1150 930 530
GGSX2000B 2.2 2400*950*1150 930 530

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