Fruit Vegetable Processing Machine Line

vegetable washing cutting machine line
vegetable washing sorting processing machine line
fruit vegetable processing machine line
fruit washing waxing machine line
Gelgoog provides fruit and vegetable processing lines, including cleaning and cutting lines, cleaning grading lines, cleaning waxing lines, and cleaning packaging lines. Products that can keep fresh vegetables in a fresh state after a series of treatments such as grading, sorting, selecting, cleaning, cutting, preservation and packaging. It is suitable for all kinds of food processing plants, restaurants, kitchens and farms.
fruit vegetable processing machine line
1.Fruit Vegetable Washing Drying Cutting Processing Machine Line 
Clean vegetable processing line for general fruit and vegetable products peeling, sorting, cutting, cleaning, de-water, suitable for restaurants, central,kitchens, and food processing plants. According to the different processing of fruits and vegetables, the equipment includes pre-washing hoist (pre-washing material), brush cleaning and peeling machine (cleaning or peeling function according to the replacement of brush roller), multi-station pick-up belt (finish cutting and dressing of fruits and vegetables), vegetable cutting machine (complete the division of fruits and vegetables, equipped with avariety of knife plates), hoist (frequency conversion speed regulating motor, quick dis- assembly conveyor belt), eddy current cleaning machine (long cleaning road, water transport does not hurt fruits and vegetables), vibr ation de-water machine (mute), etc Spring high frequency micro-vibration, high de-water efficiency) centrifugal water dump machine (high speed centrifugal water dumping, de-water more thoroughl), but also in eddy current cleaning using chiller refrigeration, so that fruits and vegetable s more fresh, smooth operation, can use PLC automatic control, High efficiency and intelligence.
vegetable washing cutting machine line
2.Fruit vegetables washing drying sorting machine line 
Fruit vegetables washing drying sorting machine line  is mainly used for the washing, air-drying and sorting of sweet potatoes, potatoes, peaches and other fruits and vegetables. The whole production line has reasonable design, more user-friendly use, high degree of automation, good cleaning effect, no damage to materials, and better preservation of air-dried materials. It is an ideal processing equipment for large supermarkets and agricultural products processing.
3.Vegetable Washing Cutting Machine Line 
Vegetable Washing Cutting Machine Line  is mainly used to clean a variety of leafy vegetables, root-stem cut vegetables, etc. It can be used for the processing of high-quality clean vegetables, fresh-cut vegetables, ready-to-eat vegetables, and pre-prepared vegetables. The products can be directly supplied to supermarkets, convenience stores, Canteens, restaurants, catering companies of all levels.
4.Fruit Washing Waxing Processing Machine Line 
The fruit washing and waxing line is a new complete set of equipment that can automatically complete the whole process of fruit washing, flexible and fine washing, waxing and drying. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good product quality, stable and reliable operation, etc. After washing and waxing, the fruit has a bright color and a pleasing appearance. Greatly enhance the fresh-keeping performance and storage and transportation performance of fruits. Significantly increase its economic value.
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