Mango Fruit Washing Waxing Processing Machinery

mango fruit washing machine
mango process machine line
mango fruit waxing machine
mango washing machine price
mango fruit washing waxing machine line
Gelgoog provides professional mango processing equipment, including mango washing, blanching, and waxing equipment. On the premise of not damaging the fruit, continuous production, brushing and polishing, dehydration at room temperature, and the special wax spraying system are continuously adjustable. This processing line is widely used in apples, pears, mangos, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, peaches and other similar fruits and vegetables. We can customize according to customer requirements
mango fruit washing waxing machine line
①Mango fruit washing machine 
The bubble type mango fruit washing machine mainly uses bubbling, surfing and cleaning spray tee to make the bean sprouts cleaner and more thorough. This mango fruit washing machine is made of stainless steel and has the functions of high-pressure fan, high-pressure water impact, vegetable soaking, cleaning, desalination, etc. 
②Flat roller mango fruit washing machine
Using the brush friction principle, while the brush is rotating at high speed, the high-pressure water spray head on the top continuously washes the material, and the material is clean and shiny under the push of the rotation of the hair roller. Circulating water design saves water source. The impurities washed down by the product are filtered and the water flows back to the storage tank for reuse. Floating impurities are discharged through the overflow and flow into the sewer.
③Mango fruit blanching machine 
The blanching machine is mainly used for processing fruits,vegetables and petal plants. The purpose of the blanching machine is to preserve the color. Water inside the blanching machine.It is divided into hot water, and the heating method is electric heating or steam heating. Most of the steam heating methods are used, so that it is more cost-effective to use for a long time. The blanching machine is in  the process of use, mechanized operation is completely adopted without manual operation. 
④mango fruit waxing machine 
Wax can not only reduce water loss, improve gloss, make the fruit look good, but also keep it fresh and extend the shelf life of the fruit after harvest
Technical Data
Mango Fruit Washing Waxing Machine Line 
bubble washing machine 
flat roller brush washing machine 
blanching machine 
waxing machine 

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