Industrial Use Onion Powder Processing Machine Line

onion powder making machine line
onion powder machine line
onion processing machine line
onion powder production line
This industrial use onion powder production line starts from the processing of fresh onions, peels the onions, cleans, slices, dries, pulverizes, and sieves until the onions are processed. Various models and specifications of equipment meet different processing needs.
onion powder making machine line
Application of industrial onion powder production line:
1. The onion powder production line consists of three parts: pretreatment part, drying part and grinding part.
2. The drying part and grinding part of this onion powder production line are suitable for spices such as onion, garlic, horseradish, etc.
onion powder production line
Advanatage of onion drying machine :
1. Compact structure, convenient operation, reliable use, easy disassembly and assembly. The installation is simple, as long as there is shelter from wind and rain, it can be installed and used.
2. Simulating the principle of natural air-drying, the finished product has a natural color and good natural medicinal properties.
3. High efficiency, the drying efficiency is several times higher than that of various heat source air energy heat pump drying ovens, the power consumption of drying 1 ton of fresh materials is less than 1/80, the drying time is greatly shortened, and the equipment purchase funds and Labor cost.
4. The equipment has a large amount of one-time material loading, less purchase capital, good thermal insulation performance of the equipment itself, and extremely low energy consumption.
Technical Data
Item Name
Onion peeling machine
Onion root cutting machine
Sorting Conveyor Line
Onion washing machine
Air drying machine
Onion cutting machine
Onion drying machine
Onion powder grinder

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