400Kg/h Radish Beetroot Washing Peeling Machine For Industrial Use

radish washing peeling machine
beetroot washing peeling machine
root vegetable washing peeling machine
beetroot peeling machine
Radish Beetroot Washing Peeling Machine
Suitable for potato,cassava,carrot, radish, taro and other root vegetables, peeling and cleaning in a very short time.This washing peeling machine with advantege of  low breakage rate, clean, sanitary, high production efficiency, simple operation, convenient and quickery efficient.
root vegetable washing peeling machine
More Details Of  Industrial Use Radish Beetroot Washing Peeling Machine
1) The beetroot washing peeling machine is made of stainless steel with brush rollers, which is very clean and does not damage the materials
2) The capacity is 400kg-2000kg/h, and there is no restriction on the material size;
3) Multiple capacity models are available
4)Suitable for hotels, colleges, food processing plants, factories and mines, enterprises and institutions, and then cantee
5)The radish washing peeling machine is professionally designed, using an asymmetric discharge port and a new brush roller device, which can not only improve the discharge efficiency and ensure the complete discharge of materials, but also facilitate the replacement and maintenance of the brush roller.

Technical Data
Model Power(KW) Size(mm) Feed height(mm) Discharge height(mm)
GGSX800B 2.2 1100*950*1150 930 530
GGSX1200B 2.2 1500*950*1150 930 530
GGSX1500B 2.2 1900*950*1150 930 530
GGSX2000B 2.2 2400*950*1150 930 530

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