Industrial Use Palm Date Seeds Removing Machine|Date Pitter

date seed removing machine
industrial date seed removing machine
commercial date seed removing machine
Industrial Use Palm Date Seeds Removing Machine
The date palm seeds remove machine is used to remove the pits of date pits, olives, cherries, apricots, plums and other fruits. After removing the seeds, the fruit can be used more conveniently. The most important thing is that after pitting, the fruit pulp rate is still very high. This punching machine is widely used for pitting different fruits such as dry and wet dates, palm dates, dates, olives, cherries, etc.
date seeds remove machine
The mold can be adjusted according to different food materials,can be customized.The red date pitting machine can pit any oblong or round dates. In addition, the company also produces various fruit and vegetable processing equipment, washing machines, sorting machines, slicers, core cutters, dryers and other equipment

Industrial Use Palm Date Seed Removing Machine
1. This machine is specially used to process red palm date, palm date, Iraq date, Taiwan date, etc.
2. This machine is easy to operate. One person can control 
3. The machine material can be made of all 304 stainless steel according to your requirements.
4. We can match different sizes of molds to process different sizes of fruits
5. It can also customized production capacity according to your needs.
palm date pitting machine
Technical Data
Model GGZQH-190-6 GGZQH-190-7 GGZQH-190-14 GGZQH-190-26
Pitting rate 99.50% 99.50% 99.50% 99.50%
Dates Size(mm) ∅32—∅38 ∅24—∅32 ∅22—∅32 ∅12—∅24
Capacity(pcs/h) 28800 33600 67200 124800
Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Voltage(v) 380 380 380 380
Machine size(mm) 2300×1280×1220 2300×1280×1220 2300×1280×1220 2300×1280×1220
Machine weigh(kg) 610 610 610 610

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