Automatic Pomegranate Washing Peeling Process Machine Line

pomegranate washing machine
pomegranate washing peeling machine line
pomegranate peeling machine
Automatic pomegranate cleaning machine line As a pomegranate wine making, pomegranate juice and other production equipment, it is one of the special equipment for pomegranate deep processing. It is mainly used to separate, clean and purify pomegranates. It is an essential equipment for pomegranate pre-processing.

Features of the whole line: mechanized continuous separation, pure product and labor saving
1 The whole line of stainless steel, beautiful and hygienic, meets the requirements of modern food regulations, and can pass relevant certifications
2 The whole line contains two patents (pulp non-destructive peel/seed/meat/diaphragm separator, electromechanical integrated automatic pepper film non-destructive peel and seed separation and cleaning machine), advanced and reliable
3 The whole line can be operated with less humanization, which can replace more than 30 labor
4 The whole line of whole fruit pomegranate and split fruit pomegranate can be processed
5 The main product pomegranate of the whole line has high purity, less impurities and bacteria, which is good for packaging and storage.
6 The by-product waste skin of the whole line has a regular shape, which is conducive to comprehensive utilization and clean production
7. Water for production line: 1t/h
8. Power consumption of the production line: 15kW.h
9. Labor for production line: 2-4
pomegrante peeling processing machine line
Gelgoog Also Provide The Bubble Type Pomegranate Washing Machine
pomegranate washing machine
Technical Data
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