Automatic Ginger Powder Processing Machine Line

ginger powder process machine price
industrial ginger powder making machine line
ginger washing peeling machine
ginger powder grinding machine
commercial ginger powder process machine line
Ginger Powder Process Machine Line 
This ginger powder process machine Line can be used to make ginger powder or cassave powder or other root vegetables powder,all the machine are made of the food garde stainless steel,and with the advantege of the high efficiency.
ginger powder processing machine line
The technological process of ginger powder:
Fresh ginger-washing and peeling machine-drying-grinding -packaging
1. Ginger cleaning and peeling machine: Use water to clean the dirt and dust on the surface of the raw material. Remove the skin of raw materials.
2. Slice: The slice thickness should be as uniform as possible.
3. Drying: The drying temperature should be 60-80℃, and the drying time should be based on the moisture content of the ginger slices not exceeding 12%. Ensure the quality of ginger powder.
4. Grinding: Grind dried ginger slices into powder.
5. Packaging: mainly in bottles, prefabricated bags or big bags. There are 500g, 1000g, 20kg...etc. It depends on the customer's needs.
We provide the complete set of equipment described in the above information! Each customer's process requirements will be different, we will design the system plan and quote according to the customer's specific requirements.
Technical Data
Ginger Powder Production Line
Machine Model Power Dimension
Ginger Washing and peeling Machine GG-800 1.5kw/380V 1400*850*800mm
Ginger Slicer Machine GG-501 1HP/220v 650*490*850mm
Blanching Machine GG-3500 100kw+ 3700*1400*2300 mm
Cooling Machine GG-5000 380V,50Hz 5000*1100*1400mm
Ginger dehytrade drying Machine GG-CT-8   4800*2250*2350mm
Ginger powder machine GG-20B   550*600*1250mm
Ginger pwder packing machine GG-01 1.1kw/380v 690*1060*2000mm

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