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fruit vegetable washing drying machine
fruit washing machine
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vegetable drying machine
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Widely use of the fruit vegetable washing drying line
Fruit and vegetable washing drying line adopts high-pressure bubble water bath to clean, effectively separate the surface attachments of the cleaned object, simulate the basic action of manual cleaning, and effectively avoid the phenomenon of bumps, knocks, scratches when manual cleaning.This machine is suitable for washing, removing impurities and conveying materials such as fruits, stems, leafy vegetables, mushrooms and Chinese herbal medicines. It is especially suitable for the flow operation of strawberries and other tasks to effectively separate the surface attachments of the cleaned objects.
fruit vegetable washing machine
Feature of the vegetable washing drying machine line:
1.Fruit and vegetable cleaning processing line is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, and food grade materials are safe, reliable and non-polluting. 
2.The conveying is stable, the speed is adjustable, and the material moves along with the conveyor belt to avoid damage to the conveyed material.
3.It uses three kinds of cleaning methods: bubble tumbling, surfing and spraying to clean vegetables, high washing rate and no damage to materials. 
4.The machine is less noisy and is suitable for occasions where the working environment is relatively quiet. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. Low energy consumption and low cost of use.
As the fruit vegetable air-drying machine 
1. It can be mass-produced continuously, and the nutrients of the product can be retained to the utmost extent.
2. The air-drying area and the running speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted to suit the characteristics and quality requirements of vegetables.
3. According to product characteristics, different technological processes can be adopted and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added.
Technical Data
Machine Specification
Bubble type washing machine
Dimension: 5000*1200*1400mm (L*W*H)
Material: SUS304
Power: 6.6kw
Fruit vegetable drying machine
Dimension: 4000*1100*1400mm


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