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How To Make The Frozen Corn Kernels In Factory?

rqi Apr 20 2021 By Maria Follow Us:

How Should We Select the Sweet Corn To Make The Frozen Corn Kernels?

1.Raw material standard: The sweet corn best harvest period is thematurity period, which is about 20 days after pollination.
2.Harvesting criteria: corn leaves are dark green, wrap leaves are blue-green, filaments withered into dark brown, full grains, yellow or light yellow, uniform color, uniform size, neatly arranged, no variegated grains, bald tips, missing grains and The endosperm is sticky and milky. 

3.Save requirements: avoid sunlight, heavy pressure, and collision.

frozen corn kernel machine


Production process of the Frozen Corn Kernels Making Machine Line 

Raw material → Sheller - washing - pick with - blanching machine - winding cooling - watering - bag drop- freezing - packing

frozen corn kernels making machine line


Frozen Corn Kernels Making Machine Line Details:

Floor area :136m2

(Layout drawing: Layout drawing can be provided after signing the contract or communicating with the buyer’s engineer)

Loading information :2*40GP

Water consumption( blanching): 2T/D

Washing water max: 0.5 T/H

Maximum power consumption: 137KW·H

As the labor quantity,need 3 skilled workers, 3 people are needed for the other positions. 6 people are needed for a production line.

frozen corn making machine line