Semi-Automatic Quick-Frozen Corn Kernels Production Line

corn freezing machine
corn frozen processing machine
corn frozen processing production line

Sweet corn kernel freezing production line

We have made corn frozen processing production line for many years. And we could supply the best matched machines with best prices as per our deep experiences.That line is widely used in domestic and international market. It is a completely automatic processing line which is for vegetable and fruit quick-freezing pretreatment. 


corn processing line
Frozen corn kernels processing line:
Sheller - washing - pick with - blanching machine - winding cooling - watering - bag drop- freezing - packing

Practices in hundreds of food processing factories demonstrate the advantages: scientific design, rational layout, reliable running, convenient operation, extensive commonality in vegetable processing, efficient processing, saving investment and energy, It is the most ideal, advanced and economical processing line. for vegetable and fruit quick freezing pretreatment.

Besides corn kernel freezing processing line, we also can make beans production line, french fries productioin line, chips production line, corn processing line, fruit freezingprocessing line, vegetable processing line, fruit drying processing line, vegetable drying processing line, fish processing line, seafood and fish production line, lobster cooking line etc.

iqf processing line

Technical Data
100kg/h Quick-Frozen Corn Kernels Production Line
Machine name  Model  Machine Size  Power Material
Corn Sheller  GGRL-268 630*620*1250mm 1.5KW 304 stainless steel 
Washing Machine  GGXQ2500 2500x1100x900mm Motor 0.75Kw  fan 2.2Kw 304 stainless steel
Picking Belt GGDS3500A 3500x700x900mm Motor 0.37Kw PVC belt    
width 600mm
Blanching Machine GGPLD3500 3700*1400*1600mm Power: 0.75KW, heating power: 100KW 304stainless steel mesh belt  ,
800mm wide
Cooling Machine GGFZ6000 6100*1200*1500mm 9KW 304 stainless steel mesh belt,
800mm wide.
Vibration Drain GGZTD1800 1800x1200x850mm 0.5KW 304 stainless steel
Vibrating cloth machine GGZTD1800 1800x1200x1400mm 0.5KW 304 stainless steel
IQF Quick Freezer GGIQF-100 5500x3400x2900mm 20KW 304 stainless steel

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