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green bean freezing machine
green bean quick-freezing machine
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Green bean quick-freezing and freezing equipment includes the pre-selection machine, washing machine,blanching/finishing/cooking machine, cooling machine, drain air dryer, and subsequent quick-freezing machine links, a complete set of production.There are many varieties of fruits and vegetables that the line can process, such as: beans, short corn, pumpkin, strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, etc., there are also many seafood such as: crayfish, sea Ginseng abalone, etc.
green bean quick-freezing machine
Quick-freezing machine, freezer, single-unit quick-freezing device is used for quick-freezing processing of aquatic products (shrimp, fish fillets, squid, scallops) and various frozen foods (dumplings, dumplings, etc.),
green bean freezing machine
The characteristics of fruit and vegetable quick freezing equipment are as follows:
1. The high-strength stainless steel mesh belt is made of imported equipment of SUS304 stainless steel high-strength spring steel wire. The net is suitable for the freezing of small and different frozen products, and the unique and smooth net
The noodles leave almost no marks on the frozen products.
3. The effect, the freezing efficiency is 15%-20% higher than the traditional method, and the frozen product energy consumption is low.
4. Durable: The drum and the mesh belt support are covered with nylon protection to extend the service life of the mesh belt. The bottom surface of the storage is large, the sink does not leak, and the ground has a certain slope.Easy to wash and quick to drain.
5. Optional strong cleaning and drying of the mesh belt: The feed is equipped with a water pump for strong cleaning, and the mesh can be cleaned and dried at any time to ensure the hygiene of the conveyor belt.
6. Reliable transmission control: Spiral transmission leads to European advanced technology, and the mesh belt operation adopts frequency conversion control, and the speed can realize stepless speed regulation. Stainless steel electric control cabinet, internal temperature.Digital display, the whole equipment runs reliably.
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