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The corn husking machine is workable for fresh corn peeler skin,this machine is with big capacity automatic machine ,its most popular machine to peeler corn skin.its for factory farm use.Sweet Corn Husking Machine.This version of our popular corn huskers gently and efficiently removes husks, providing ears ready for Sweet Corn market or fresh frozen sale. Husking efficiency is approximately 90%-95% in ideal conditions.
corn husking machine price

More Introduce Of The Corn Husking Machine :
1.On this corn husker, a vibratory feed shaker allows for smooth and even feeding of the corn cobs into the husking system. The husker bed is assembled with low-profile rolls which are the least aggressive roll, thus causing minimal damage to the product during processing.
2.Sweet corn market huskers are frequently used in concert with cob saws as some customers desire and even cut or the cob to be tipped and tailed, which also it makes it easier to husk.
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