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What Is The Cost Of The Small Scale Garlic Peeling Machine Line ?

rqi Mar 02 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
Peel garlic is very popuar in our life, it can be used garlic food process ,garlic paste,garlic sauce,and other garlic product.It also can be used to flakes in the foods, to add  the food flavor.So start the garlic business will make get the big benefit in the short time and low cost.But , what is the cost of the garlic process machine ?How to start the garlic business?Here ,we will share some garlic business cost details to you.
garlic peeling machine
Fistly , before start the new business,you need confiem you business scale, simply speaking,that how many kgs you want to process per hour ?It can be divided into three situations:
1.If you only want to start a small scale business, not have factory,only want to process garlic in your working shop.I think your capcity can be 80-150kg per hour, or less more.This situation, you can choose our small garlic peeling machine ,only used for peeler.And this machine is very cheap, you can get the benefit in the short time.
2.If you have already started the garlic processing business and have relevant experience, maybe you can choose our commercial garlic peeling machine. In addition, we can also provide garlic separation machines and conveyor belts so that you can realize your automated production
3.Finally situations, We also have the full automatic garlic peeling machine line include the garlic separation machine, peeling machine, washing drying machine, and packing machine, and can be packing in bags or bottles.
This machine line suitale the large garlic process factory.

Finally,here we share our full automatic garlic peeling machine line video: