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Congratulations!Gelgoog Pomegranate Peeler Is Shipped Today

rqi Mar 02 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
The pomegranate peeling machine, also known as the pomegranate seeds remove machine, puts the whole pomegranate into the equipment. Then pomegranate skin and seeds are separated by a squeezing hob and a device that transports the mace faster through a rapid rotation method.
pomegranate peeling machine  
More Information About This Pomegranate Peeling Machine :

1. This machine is mainly suitable for peeling and crushing various fruits, especially pomegranates and grapes, and can be used for pretreatment of wine and pomegranate beverages.
2. It uses broken equipment to separate the seeds and skin of pomegranate.
3. High peeling rate, adjustable peeling thickness, low damage rate, multifunctional, convenient, environmentally friendly, and automatic operation.
Video About The Gelgoog Pomegranate Peeling Machine 


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