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Delivery Picture of Panama Milk Sterilization Machine

rqi Nov 18 2020 By Maria Follow Us:
Some days ago,one Panama customer buy a milk sterilization machine from our company.This customer main use this machine to process milk.And the follow picture main the delivery picture.
milk sterilization machine
Why you should choose our milk sterilizstion machine ?
Milk sterilizer performs the hot processing on the liquid foods and beverage product. It has the following advantages compare with other similar type sterilizer:
1. High heat efficiency, 90% heat recover efficiency after processing product;
2. High automation degree, which can automatically cleaning, self-sterilization, and the whole sterilization procedures steps; 
3. It is a strong safety system, whole system parts use good performance product, steam, hot water, product etc. all have pressure protection measure and alarm system.
4.Custom made.