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Small Scale Factory Potato Chips Making Machine Line Price

rqi Nov 18 2020 By Maria Follow Us:
Potato chips production line is a popular snack processed from fresh potato after washing, peeling, slicing, frying and flavoring.This potato chips making machine line can help you start the potato chips business and get the benefit in the short time.
small scale potato chips making machine line 
1.This small potato chips line is specially designed for small and medium scale potato chips manufacturers. We have capacity with 50 kg/h, 100 kg/h, and 200 kg/h for your reference.
2.This  potato chips making line is lower in price and high efficiency, and it is your best choice for processing potato french fries. You also can use the machine line to produce the french fries and cassava chips.
3. Thispotato chips production line is easy to install, just need to put the machines in the specially sequence as the working flowchart shows and connect the power of each machine, and then you can operate the machines to do normal production.
4.The voltage requirement of the potato chips processing production line is: 380V, 50Hz.
5.To operate this potato chips processing production line needs 2-3 people, it maybe different according to your actual situation and your own arrangement.
6.The area need is from 100 to 300 square meters according to your choice of the potato chips processing production line. 
Feature Of The Small Scale Factory Potato Chips Making Machine Line 
a)Stainless steel, easy to operate, high productivity and high efficiency.
b)Made of food grade stainless steel, advanced technology, long service life.
c)The machines meet stringent international quality standards.
d)Very reasonable price for the equipment.
e)Easily change cutter to make potato chips and finger chips.

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