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pomegarnate peeler machine hot sale
Pomegranate peeling machine mainly used to separate and peel the Pomegranate peel. Then, the seeds can be used to make the juice, beverage,etc.This machine also is used to peel and separate seeds&meat and skin for various fruits, especially pomegranate and grape for wine and pomegranate drinks pre-treatment.
pomegranate seeds remove machine
Pomegranate peeling machine, by imitating the method of artificial peeling, and the automatic control of the whole process of the machine,let the pomegranate's skin and seeds be completely separated,The seeds after peeling are preserved intact, with less impurities and no damage.This machine is a professional equipment for peeling pomegranate peel and also a necessary machine for extracting pomegranate .
pomegranate peeling machine
Feature of the Pomegranate peeling machine
1. Instead of manual peeling, it greatly improves work efficiency.
2. The parts of the pomegranate contact are made of stainless steel to meet the health requirements.
3. Beautiful appearance, convenient operation and automatic operation.
4. High efficient and quality with simple operation.
5. Being suitable for large-scale industrial production.
6. Can be combined on the production line and can also single machine production
Technical Data
Model GG-5 GG-10
Capacity 1-3t/h 3-5t/h
Turn sieve diameter 300mm 400mm
Mesh size 12-18mm 12-18mm
Power 4kw 4.8kw
Weight 800kg 950kg
Dimension 1900*700*1950mm 2100*800*2035mm
Our machine are all made of High quality food grade stainless steel. We can accept the detection.
The mesh size can be customized

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