Industrial Use Garlic Peeling Machine Hot Sale

garlic peeling machine
industrial use garlic peeler machine
garlic peeling machine hot sale
Industrial Use Garlic Peeling Machine
Can be used for large-scale processing and production of garlic, vegetable delivery factories and individual garlic processors. And it can be used to complete the deep processing of garlic, such as dehydrated garlic slices, garlic powder, garlic paste and many other products.

garlic peeling machine

Why Choose US Garlic Peeling Machine:
1.This machine uses a specially designed peeling principle, during the peeling process, garlic completely doesn’t touch the blade ,so we can ensure the garlic without damage, and there is smooth surface, no pollution etc.
2.This machine has the features of fully automatic operation, utility, energy saving, small volume, high production efficiency, easy to clean and repair and low failure rate.
3.This machine has automatic guide device, garlic skin removed from the garlic full automatic. The machine complys with health standards. The garlic kernel can’t be injured so it can be stored for many days.
4.The garlic peeling machine body is made of the food grade stainless steel , Beautiful and easy to clean.
We Also Offer The Small Garlic Peeling Machine 

small garlic peeling machine
Technical Data
Model GGLT-5
Capacity 600kg/h
Power 6.35kw
Total Power 30-70kw
Dimension 6000*1500*1700mm

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