Gelgoog Garlic Peeling Machine Process Line For Industrial Use

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Automatic Garlic Peeling Process Machine include the garlic root cutting machine ,garlic breaking machine,garlic peeling machine,garlic picking machine,sorting machine ,etc. We also can offer whole set garlic process machines with special design for customer different request.

garlic process machine line

This garlic peeling machine line is easy to operate. Garlic clove separate automatically, one person can operate it.The machine is practical, saving electricity, high efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance and low failure rate.More details about the garlic peeling process plant :
1. Garlic separating rate is as high as 95%,Dry peeling completely and no need to dip the garlic into water;
2. The speed of the conveyor  can be adjusted to ensure the peeling effect.
3. Because of the garlic's no damage, so have the advantages that can be saved for a few days. The peeled garlic is as smooth as human peeling;
4. Don't damage garlic, ensure the garlic storage time.The garlic clove can be peeled together no matter is big or small. The peel and garlic meat can be separated automatically. The product can meet the hygiene standard;
5. It is practical, saving electricity, high efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance and low failure rate;

Application of garlic peeling machine production line
1. The garlic peeling processing machine line are suitable for large-scale garlic processing and production, garlic conveying plants and single garlic processors.
2. It can also be used to complete the deep processing of garlic, such as dehydrated garlic flakes, garlic powder, garlic paste and many other products.

Technical Data
Machine Name Dimension Power/Material
Garlic Breaker   Machine   1600*900*1200mm  3kw
304stainless Steel
PickingLine  3500*800*800mm 1.1kw
304stainless Steel and Manual adjust Speed
Chain Peeler  2800*800*1650mm  1.85kw
304stainless Steel
Picking Line   4000*800*800 mm 1.1kw
304stainless Steel and Manual adjust Speed
Air Bubble Washing Machine 4000*1200*1400mm 2.57kw 
304 Stainless Steel
Axial Flow Fan Model Drying Machine 4000*1100*1600mm 2.78kw
304stainless Steel
Sorter 2.1m*0.6m*0.8m 1.5KW
304stainless Steel

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