Small Scale Garlic Peeling Machine Price

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Small Scale Garlic Peeling Machine 
The garlic peeling machine is simple to operate, low energy consumption, safe and high in efficiency.  Using pneumatic principle, it is used for dry garlic peeling. When the machine is working, there is no need to remove the root of the garlic, nor to soak it in water or wash it. 
garlic peeling machine
Feature of The Small Scale Garlic Peeling Machine
1.The machine is easy to operate, low energy consumption,safe and 
2. Save-energy and compact, high production efficiency, easy to maintain and clean, and low failure rate.
3. Automatic control and feeding device, easy to operate.
4. You can peel garlic of different sizes, and the product meets the hygienic standards.
5. Suitable whole production line or single machine work.
6. Garlic is not damaged and can be stored for a long time.
7. Suitable for garlic and small onions.
Technical Data
Model GGDP100
Power supply Single 220V 50Hz, 0.5KW
Air flow 1.05cm3/min   7.5kw
Air pressure 8KG/m³
Barrel loading 20-50kg
Machine size 745*665*1430MM
Capacity 80-160kg/Time

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