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How To Make Garlic Powder Step By Step ?

rqi Apr 20 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
How To Make Garlic Powder ?

How To Make Garlic Powder ?
Step One :Garlic Root Cutting Machine
It is mainly used for cutting the roots of fresh garlic in the early stage. If your garlic is processed garlic, you don’t need this machine.
Step Two: Garlic Breaking Machine:You can divide garlic into one clove
Step Three:Indudtrial Garlic Peeling Machine 
Garlic peeling machine, Efficiently and quickly peel a lot of skins to get peeled garlic.This garlic peeling machine also can be use alone .
Step Four:Garlic Chips Cutting Machine :Cut the garlic into garlic chips ,Easier to dry,
Step five: Garlic Chips Drying Oven Machine :The drying process is hygienic and environmentally friendly, automatic temperature control, automatic material spreading, continuous production, high efficiency, and short drying cycle.
Step Six:Garlic Powder Grinding Machine :Grind garlic slices into garlic powder, fineness can be controlled