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How Much Plant Area Does The Vegetable Processing Equipment Factory Need?

rqi Mar 10 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
Through the primary processing of vegetables, the loss of vegetables after picking is reduced, and the added value of vegetable products is increased, thereby increasing farmers' income and improving farmers' quality of life. The construction of clean vegetable processing equipment factories including processing and distribution is the basis for clean vegetable processing. Then, you must want to know the plant area that needs to be built to open a vegetable processing equipment factory.
vegetable processing machine line
The equipment required by the vegetable cleaning equipment factory is mainly hoist, conveyor belt, grading selection equipment, cleaning equipment (bubble vegetable washing machine, brush washing machine, brush peeling cleaning machine,vortex type vegetable washing machine), multi-function vegetable cutting machine, blanching equipment, drying equipment, packaging equipment, etc.
vegetable washing machine
Second, the characteristics of vegetable processing equipment factory
(1) Stainless steel material:The whole is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and hygienic.
(2) Continuous production:It can be continuously produced, with large capacity, high work efficiency and significantly improved output.
(3) Little damage to fruits and vegetables:The cleaning of vegetable cleaning equipment is mainly to imitate the manual cleaning method, which avoids the damage to materials caused by bumps, knocks and scratches during the cleaning process.
(4) Wide range of application:The materials suitable for processing by the vegetable cleaning equipment include leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruits, etc., and can also be used for raw material pretreatment of nuts, French fries/chips automatic production line. Generally used in fruit and vegetable wholesalers, central kitchens, food processing plants and other enterprises.
Plant planning for vegetable processing equipment
The plant area of ​​the clean vegetable processing equipment factory is mainly determined by the processing output and the level of automation. If it is only simple clean vegetable processing, the production and processing equipment, storage equipment, and transportation tools are relatively small in scale, only a few hundred square meters; The processing plant has relatively perfect conditions in all aspects, has relatively sound storage equipment, production and processing equipment, computer equipment and transportation tools, has a certain scale of production base and relatively stable distribution objects, often requires more equipment, or even multiple production lines , The plant area is at least several thousand square meters or even tens of thousands of square meters.
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