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How To Start A Banana Chip Business?

rqi Sep 28 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
Banana chips are a small snack that is loved by most people. With the continuous expansion of the banana chip market, more and more people want to start the banana chip business. Here, gelgoog will provide you with all-round guidance for the banana chip business.
how to start banana chips business ?
We are a professional manufacturer of banana chips production line. We can provide solutions according to the needs of customers, and design machine product solutions according to the customer's factory layout. We can provide a semi-automatic banana chip production solution line, as well as a fully automatic banana chip line, as well as a single banana chip frying machine and various related equipment.
banana chips production line
The following are some preparations that need to be done before the production of banana chips

Raw material selection criteria:
1. Choose bananas with denser organization;
2. The bananas are required to be fresh, preferably seven to eight mature;
3. No pests, no rot, no spots;
4. Bananas should be pretreated before processing.like blanching
Video About The Banana Chips Machine 

Build factory
1. The site requirements for this production line; see the plan configuration for details, please contact our professional online for guidance
2. Environment and basic facilities configuration requirements, such as water and electricity configuration, etc.; see the plan configuration for details, please contact our professional online for guidance
3. The preparation work that the customer needs to do before installation; the equipment layout is in place, the water and electricity are in place, the workers, welders, and electricians are in place
4. The main content and personnel configuration of our installation service, installation and commissioning cycle, delivery standard, etc.; installation instructors 1-2 people installation cycle, 7-14 days
5. Operation manual text manual, video manual, online instruction