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Vegetable Processing Machine Line|Washing,Drying And Cutting Machine Line

rqi Jan 19 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
The pre-processing of vegetables has to go through the process of selection, cleaning, and cutting. At present, most enterprises use manual cleaning and machine cutting to realize the cleaning and cutting of vegetables. However, there are some problems with manual cleaning: vegetable cleaning is not clean enough, human factors are not easy to control, cleaning workers may cause secondary pollution or damage to vegetables, consume a lot of manpower, increase costs; therefore, vegetable processing efficiency is relatively low, and it is easy to The vegetables are messed up, which is not conducive to cutting. Here we can provide leafy vegetable cleaning production line. The vegetable pre-processing equipment can realize automatic cleaning and automatic cutting processing, and the cutting length can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range. Ensure that the processing surface is flat and smooth, the shape is regular, and the cut vegetables are well organized and kept fresh.
vegetable processing machine
 On the other hand, with the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of work pace, more and more people tend to eat in groups to save working time. As a result, the amount of dishes that need to be prepared at one time is very large, and the need The number of prepared side dishes is also very large. If it is only manually cleaned and then cut, it will not only be inefficient, but also hurriedly made, people’s physical strength cannot keep up, especially when cutting. Unnecessary damage, based on the above problems, it is necessary to provide a leafy vegetable cutting and cleaning production line that can solve the problem

  In the process of conveying materials in the leafy vegetable washing and cutting production line, the washing machine adds a spray cleaning function, so that the materials are sprayed and cleaned after the steam-water bath cleaning is completed. The function of this process is to replace and remove dirty water on the surface of the material, thereby improving the cleaning effect of the material. At the same time, after the external cleaning spray water cleans the material for the second time, the water automatically flows into the water bath to replace and supplement the cleaning water in the water bath, thereby maintaining the cleanliness of the water in the water bath and improving the utilization rate of the cleaning water. Improve the cleaning effect.