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 Automatic Vegetable Washing Cutting Machine
This vegetable washing cutting machine is widely applied to fresh produce wholesaler, food catering industry, frozen food industry, salad industry, foodservice industry, schools and college canteen, contract caterer and related food processing industries etc.And the vegetable washing cutting machine include the bubble vegetable washing machine and the fruit vegetable cutting machine .

vegetable washing cutting machine line

 Vegetable Cutting Machine
This vegetable cutting machine is a multifunction machine that combines Root Vegetable Cutting Machine with Leaf Vegetable cutting machine, which can cut wide ranges of leaf & root vegetables into different shapes &size.
1. It mainly cuts leaf vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, spinach, bean, leek, celery, scallion etc.) by the belt side with size adjustable from 0-60mm. Cutting shape can be slice, shred, strip (julienne), segment etc.
2. It mainly cuts root vegetables (potato, carrot, onion, radish, beet, sweet potato, taro, turnip, chayote etc.) & long shape gourd (eggplant, cucumber etc.) by another side. Cutting shape can be slice, ring slice, inclined slice, strip (julienne), dice (cube)
vegetable cutting machine line
Features of the vegetable washing cutting machine:
 1) Cut most of the root & leaf vegetables into different size & shape.
 2) Made of SUS304, high durability & anti-corrosion.
 3) Easy operation & cleaning.
 4) Stable performance, low maintain cost.
vegetable waching cutting machine video 
Technical Data
 Vegetable Washing Machine
Model Width of
mesh belt
Dimension(MM) weight power(KW)
GGXQ3000 800 3100*1400*1500 500 Bubble:2.2          Mesh belt:0.75    Water pump:1.5
GGXQ4000 800 4100*1400*1500 700 Bubble:4             Mesh belt:1.1       Water pump:1.5
GGXQ6000 800 6100*1400*1500 1000 Bubble:5.5          Mesh belt:1.5        Water pump:2.2
Fruit Vegetable Cutting Machine
Model Dimension(mm) Voltage Power Capacity Net Weight Cutting Size Width of belt
GG-306 1020*760*1370 220V/380V 1HP+2HP 800-1500kg/h 140kg 0-60mm can adjust 165mm

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