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How To Maintain The Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine Daily?

rqi Jul 22 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
The bubble type fruit vegetable washing machine is suitable for the wash of most materials. The whole process is conveyed by mesh belts, which can well cope with the washing and propulsion of sinking and floating materials. The high-power vortex air pump is uniformly distributed through the trachea at the bottom of the tank, the overall water circulation, and a separate filter pair is set The water tank can effectively remove floating debris. There is a spray pipe above the water tank, which cooperates with the air bubbles at the bottom to make the material churn in the water efficiently, and the cleaning effect is excellent. The feed inlet is set to rush the waves to effectively push the material forward and place it. Material accumulation. The discharge port is equipped with a secondary spray pipe, the water is cleaned before the discharge, the food is fresher, and the overflow and the bottom drain valve are used to ensure the cleanliness of the cleaning water in the sink at all times. The overall 304 stainless steel design, stable operation, easy cleaning and maintenance , It can effectively improve the cleaning efficiency and save water. It is the best choice for fruit and vegetable cleaning.
fruit vegetable washing machine
1. Equipment maintenance: Use a high-pressure water gun to clean the bubble cleaner.
2. The transmission part of the chain needs to be lubricated with lubricating oil regularly, bearings and chains; bearings are added once every 6 months, and chains are once a month.
3. Regularly check the operation and sealing of the machine to avoid water flow into the electrical equipment.
4. Pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof, and heat-proof at the connection point to avoid short-circuit damage to electrical components
5. Equipment maintenance: After using for a period of time, the chain may be disconnected due to the loosening of the chain. At this time, loosen the motor bolts, adjust the motor backwards, tighten the chain, and then fix the bolts of the motor.
6. Vulnerable parts: According to the strength of the cleaning material and the use time of the machine, observe the vulnerable situation of the sprinkler head, and replace the new sprinkler head when the spray effect does not meet the cleaning requirements.