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Commercial Use Fruit Washing Machine Price

rqi Aug 04 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
Professional fruit washing machine  can continuously feed in and out when it is working, and it is designed, easy to operate, low energy consumption, high efficiency, sanitation, safety, and high efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for the vegetable processing industry.
This machine can be connected to disinfection equipment such as ozone generator to play a role in disinfection and sterilization.
Floating matter can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment can be discharged from the sewage outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It has the characteristics of high cleaning, energy saving, water saving, and stable and reliable equipment. Simple operation, convenient maintenance,
fruit washing machine
The working principle of the fruit washing machine is roughly as follows: First, all the vegetables that need to be cleaned are put into the sink, and under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, they are fully dispersed, rolled, washed, and transported. The silt on the surface of the vegetables will fall off and settle into the bottom isolation bin, preventing re-pollution caused by backflow. The debris and bugs washed from the vegetables will float on the water and then be collected by the mesh. The water overflowing the sink is drained from the water tank and enters the nylon bag. After the vegetables are cleaned by the vegetable washing machine, they are cleaned by spraying, and then sent out through the conveyor belt. There is a blowing device at the end of the conveyor belt, and the debris that has not been thoroughly cleaned off is blown off.
The main parts of the fruit washing machine are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has a high degree of washing and can maintain the original color. It is widely used to clean various agricultural and sideline products such as leafy vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, seafood and Chinese herbal medicines. It is the most advanced equipment for vegetable processing, food, catering and other industries.

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