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How Do Reliable Processing Plants Produce Frozen Strawberry?

rqi Aug 04 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
What is the best processed frozen strawberry diced I have ever seen?
What is the process of processing frozen strawberry diced?
How do reliable processing plants produce?
After reading the following article, perhaps you will understand. . .
frozen strawberry process machine line
Fresh raw materials, timely processing, is a successful start. All products are the same. If the raw materials are not fresh and processed, they cannot be fresh. Weather, temperature, and freshness are important factors. Sometimes, when the strawberry is processed, the strawberry has already dripped juice, no matter how it is processed, the final frozen strawberry will not be too fresh
frozen strawberry machine
How do reliable processing plants produce?
①Removing the stalk: In the refrigeration industry, there will be material removal operations in the rough processing link.
②After removing the stalks, it needs to be selected and inspected before going on the production line. This is the first inspection,
Check under water flow to see if the stalk is clean. After this process, a certain amount will be processed on the production line.
③Removing the sediment: removing the sediment can filter out a lot of impurities other than strawberries, leaves, sand, etc.
Using spray bubble cleaning, simple design, cheap cost but too much practical use, can remove floating objects and part of the leaves
④The elevator goes to the next stage of secondary bubble cleaning, enters the hair roller, and the final stage of hair removal
At this time, even if the strawberry has hair, there are basically very few. This link is to prevent the hair from the end product
⑤Dice into cubes, which can better achieve the quick-freezing effect;
⑥The elevator and the quick-freezer can be connected in parallel with two quick-freezers, so that the processed strawberry diced basically has no adhesion, and even the broken diced is very small. The basic principles are not explained, it is too long. If you want to know more, you can contact us for more program details.Email:[email protected] Whatsapp NUmber:008618537181327