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Mango Hot Water Treatment Machine Plant

rqi Apr 26 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
This year’s export of mangoes is very unsatisfactory. According to officials from the Ministry of Food Safety and Research of Pakistan, the main reason for the decline in mango exports is the decline in output and the decline in mango quality caused by climate.Ishahak believes that poor packaging and sanitary conditions are the main reasons for the decline in mango exports. At present, Pakistan has only two approved mango hot water treatment plants (used to kill fruit fly eggs and parasites), and the treatment capacity is seriously insufficient. Affected by hygienic conditions, European countries (except the United Kingdom) have reduced imports of Pakistani mangoes. Ishahak said that the Horticultural Development and Export Association plans to use the latest technology to set up a number of hot water treatment plants, covering major cities in Pakistan, in order to promote the export of fruits including mangoes.

gelgoog is the professional fruit process machine solution supplier.we have the profressional mango hot water treatment machine,like this :
mango hot water treatment machine
As far as we know, before mangoes and other products are exported all over the world, they need to be treated with hot water in advance. In this system, the mangoes are placed in a hot water environment of about 48°C for about 1 hour, and then dried, packaged, and cooled.

More Details Of The Mango Hot Water Treatment Plant :

1. It is a fully automatic control operating system
2. Fully automatic robot system without human intervention. However, it can also be run in semi-automatic mode if required.
3. It is more convenient to change the water and clean the system.
4. Hot water treatment has automatic constant temperature control managed by PLC