Factory Use Mango Hot Water Treatment Machine

mango hot water treatment machine
mango process machine
mango hot water treatment machine
mango processing machine
Mango Hot Water Treatment Machine Supplier:
Hot water treatment is a common and widely used treatment method. Hot water treatment technology can not only protect fruits from pests and diseases, but it is also cheaper.Hot water treatment of mangoes can delay the ripening period, control rot and pests, and improve the quality and shelf life of mangoes. Soak the mango in water above 48 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes to remove all the bacteria. Sort by size after hot water treatment
mango processing machine
It has been found that the use of hot water is safer and more effective in meeting quarantine requirements. In contrast, hot water treatment is a relatively inexpensive method,And Our hot water treatment machine can be customized according to customized needs. We also provide other mango processing equipment, such as mango grading, mango slicer, mango dryer, mango beater, etc.
Features Of The Mango Hot Water Treatment Machine:
1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the national food production safety requirements. 
2. The temperature can be adjusted, and the conveying adopts frequency conversion motor, and the speed is adjustable. Can be adjusted for different products.
3. The whole machine is designed as an independent inner tank structure, and the outer frame is welded together, which is strong and durable and increases the service life of the equipment. The advantages of the inner tank structure are first to facilitate cleaning and ensure the cleanliness of the equipment. Secondly, the mesh belt is not restricted by the frame, even if it is damaged by a serious collision, it will not affect the transportation of the mesh belt.
4. Automatic temperature control and circulating water system to ensure material quality.
5. Double-layer composite mesh belt, so that all the materials are soaked in the cooking water to ensure the cooking effect.
6.The cooling section is cooled by natural water, which can quickly cool down while entering and exiting, ensuring product quality and taste.
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