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How to Process Banana Flour?

rqi Nov 25 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
Green bananas are the crop with the highest natural resistant starch content. Banana powder made from green bananas, because of its own characteristics, has the characteristics of high resistant starch content, gluten-free (gluten), and rich in dietary fiber. So how is banana flour processed? What processing equipment will be used? Next, let's take a closer look.
banana flour processing machine
1. Raw material selection:Bananas used to make banana flour are picked and dried before most of their starch is ripe and turned into sugar.
2. Cleaning:Rinse the bananas with clean water through a bubble washing machine to remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the bananas.
3. Blanch and cool:Blanch the bananas with hot water through a blanching machine, then cool them in cold water after blanching for easier and quicker peeling.
4. Peel:Peel the bananas and remove any silk from the fruit.
5. Slicing:Throw the peeled bananas into the multi-slicer and slice.
6. Color protection:Bananas are rich in tannins and enzymes. After peeling and cutting, the flesh is exposed to the air, and it is easy to oxidize and brown. Therefore, the peeled bananas should be treated as soon as possible to reduce the color change of the banana slices.
7. Air dry:After the color-protected banana slices are taken out, they pass through the air knife air dryer to dry the moisture on the surface of the banana slices.
8. Drying:The air-dried banana slices are conveyed to the dryer through the mesh belt for drying treatment, so that the moisture content is reduced to below 5%.
9. Grinding:After drying, banana powder has low water content and strong hygroscopicity. Once exposed to the air, it will quickly regain moisture and agglomerate. Grind in air.
10. Packaging:Dried banana powder should be packaged in time, and the packaging material of banana powder must have the characteristics of airtightness and moisture resistance, usually aluminum foil composite packaging material, sealed and stored.

According to the above process, the banana powder processing equipment mainly includes bubble cleaner, blanching machine, multi-function slicer, air knife air dryer, mesh belt dryer, universal grinder, etc. In order to improve the level of automation, elevators, conveyors, picking tables, etc. will be added in the equipment room.

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