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Introduce About The Banana Chip Production Line

rqi Nov 19 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
For food processing enterprises, what are the key points in the production and processing of banana chips?
How to make Savory Banana Chips?
banana chips making machine line
1. Raw material and slice processing
The processing of dried banana raw materials requires a higher degree of maturity, that is, the period of reaching edible maturity and good color, flavor and taste. First pick out the soft, rotten and diseased bananas, and then use a banana slicer to peel and slice them.
2. Color protection treatment
Banana pulp contains polyphenols. Even ripe bananas also have polyphenols in the pulp, which will cause browning during processing and storage of finished products. In order to obtain products with good color and luster, it is necessary to carry out color protection treatment. Dip banana slices in lemon juice. This will enhance the flavor and vitamins, but the main purpose is to prevent browning of the banana chips.
    Use the wind generated by the air dryer to blow off the moisture on the surface of the banana slices. Cooperate with the conveyor belt with variable frequency adjustable speed, and set it as flat net conveying according to the properties of banana slices.
4. Banana slices for seasoning
The seasoning machine is mainly used for stirring the seasoning powder in the late processing of banana slices or coating and blending of raw materials. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with reasonable structure, firm welding, bright surface, easy to clean and no noise.
Bananas are rich in sugar. If the temperature is too high during the drying process, such as 80 degrees Celsius, sugar caramelization will occur. If the temperature is too low, the baking time will be too long. Both of them do not meet the requirements. Therefore, the drying temperature should be controlled at 60-65 degrees Celsius, and the drying will be completed in 18-20 hours. The moisture content of the finished product is required to be 16%.
 The fruit and vegetable dryer adopts a large air volume axial flow fan to work in a cycle. Through the built-in electric heating tube, it is equipped with high-power thyristor controller, PID digital display intelligent temperature controller, relay and other control devices. The temperature control accuracy is high and the appointment time can be realized. Function, automatic constant temperature, automatic dehumidification and other functions, over-temperature automatic alarm, making the control more humane.
How much does a banana chip production line cost?
Banana slicers, air dryers, seasoning machines, dryers and other machinery have different specifications, and different models can be selected according to output requirements. Different models have different prices. Generally speaking, it is relatively advantageous to choose the finished product price.