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Hot Break Tomato Paste Vs Cold Break Tomato Paste

rqi Dec 24 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
Cold broken sauce is broken tomato < 70 ℃ (generally 65 ℃) to kill the enzyme, and then concentrated to 36-38, hot broken sauce is broken tomato > 80 ℃ (generally 85 or 90 ℃) to kill the enzyme, and then concentrated to 28- 30. Due to the low enzyme-inactivation temperature of cold-broken sauce, endogenous enzymes (mainly pectin three-series enzymes) do not completely inactivate enzymes, pectin is enzymolyzed into short chains, and the viscosity will be low, but the flavor and color are good. Thoroughly, the pectin is less destroyed, the viscosity is good, and the flavor and color are poor.
Hot breaking and cold breaking are both ways of processing tomatoes in the production of tomato paste. Hot breaking is heating before beating, and cold breaking is beating first and then heating. The obvious difference between hot breaking and cold breaking is that the viscosity of the tomato sauce increases greatly after hot breaking, which can increase the taste of the tomato sauce. Now there are more and more hot breaking high-viscosity tomato sauces.
tomato paste making machine line

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