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Introduction To The Performance And Installation Of Industrial Juicer

rqi Jan 05 2023 By Maria Follow Us:
The  industrail fruit juice machine is a slag juice separation equipment that can operate continuously and is used for extruding liquid from organic materials and separating slag-liquid from inorganic materials. The equipment has high strength, high bearing pressure, no deformation, not easy to block, corrosion resistance, Wear-resistant, non-slip, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, long service life, and extremely high juice yield and dehydration rate. This model is widely used in extrusion dry-wet separation in catering and beverage industries, as well as solid-liquid separation of materials in brewing, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, fruit and vegetable beverages and other industries. This model can be used alone, or it can be used with production lines.
Purpose and scope of application of the industrail fruit juice machine 
★ Used for squeezing pineapple, apple, pear and other fruits;
★ Used for pressing mulberries, grapes, tangerines, oranges and other berries;
★ Used for pressing tomatoes, ginger, garlic, celery and other vegetables;
★ Screw push extrusion;
★ Automatically complete the process of juicing and deslagging of berries, pome fruits and vegetables;
★ The parts in contact with materials are made of national standard 304 stainless steel.
fruit juice machine
Working principle of the industrail fruit juice machine : The crushed pulp, juice, and skin enter the double-screw juice extractor through the hopper. Since the bottom diameter of the screw gradually increases along the direction of the slag outlet, the screw pitch gradually decreases. When the material is pushed by the screw, due to the screw cavity The volume shrinks, forming a squeeze on the material. The rotation direction of the screw spindle is counterclockwise when viewed from the feed hopper to the slag tank. Raw materials are put into the hopper and pressed under the propulsion of the screw, the squeezed juice flows into the juice container at the bottom through the filter screen, and the waste material is discharged through the ring-shaped gap formed between the screw and the pressure-regulating conical part. The axial movement of the pressure regulating head is directly controlled by the hydraulic system. Adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic system, that is, adjusting the resistance of slag discharge, can change the juice yield, but if the pressure of the hydraulic system is too high, under strong extrusion, part of the slag particles will be squeezed out through the filter screen together with the juice, although the juice Increase, but the quality of the juice is relatively reduced, the pressure of the hydraulic system should be determined according to the specific process requirements of the user. So as to achieve the purpose of automatic separation of juice and slag.

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