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Commonly Used Fruit Vegetable Processing Equipment

rqi Feb 07 2023 By Maria Follow Us:
There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits,In order to prolong the preservation period and increase the added value of products, people use vegetable processing equipment to carry out various deep processing.
Washing equipment is the most common equipment for fruit and vegetable processing. Mainly divided into bubble cleaners, brush peelers, vortex cleaners, etc. The bubble fruit vegetable washing machine can clean most vegetables and fruits; the brush cleaner is mainly used to clean and peel root vegetables; the advantage of the vortex cleaner is that it is good at cleaning chopped vegetables and has its own vibration draining device.
vegetable washing machine
2. Air drying equipment
The air knife air dryer dries the moisture on the surface of fruits and vegetables by strong wind, while the centrifugal dryer dries the moisture on the surface by centrifugal principle. After washing, the fruits and vegetables need to dry the moisture on the surface, so as to prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. In contrast, the effect of the centrifugal dryer is relatively better.
vegetable drying machine
3. Multifunctional vegetable cutting equipment
Another major link in fruit and vegetable processing is cutting. The multi-functional vegetable cutting equipment can be used for multiple purposes, and can cut fruits and vegetables into slices, strips, shreds, dices, etc., to facilitate subsequent processing. The multifunctional vegetable cutting equipment can make the cut fruit and vegetable products uniform by adjusting the shape and specification of the cut in advance.
vegetable cutting machine
The above models are general-purpose equipment in fruit and vegetable processing. In addition, according to the characteristics of fruits and vegetables, there are also fruit and vegetable grading equipment, fruit and vegetable quick-freezing equipment, fruit and vegetable drying equipment, etc.If you want to invest in fruit and vegetable processing equipment, please contact us to purchase and customize.

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