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5 Steps To Complete Industrial Garlic Peeling Packaging

rqi Feb 17 2023 By Maria Follow Us:
Garlic is very important in our life. As a household condiment, garlic is widely eaten, but manual peeling is time-consuming and laborious. The current society is developing rapidly, and customer demand prompts the emergence of the peeled garlic market. How to finish peeling garlic?
garlic peeling machine line
The first step: garlic breaking machine
Use a high-quality pure silicone turntable to perform a flexible imitation manual rubbing action, so that the garlic balls can achieve the effect of peeling.
Dry peeling mainly has two ways of using strong airflow and motor rotation. The strong airflow generated by the high-power air compressor is used to peel the garlic, because there is no need for blades or other hard substances to rub during the peeling process, the peeled garlic is not damaged, and it is also of great benefit to the preservation of the garlic. In addition, the garlic peeling equipment is also equipped with an automatic material guide device, and the separated garlic kernels and garlic skins can be automatically separated.
The peeled garlic washing machine mainly imitates the essentials of manual cleaning, and uses a mesh belt for transmission. The high-pressure air pump generates gas to make the peeled garlic perform a strong turning motion in the washing machine, and is effectively separated under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles. The impurities attached to the surface of the garlic, and because the garlic is turned over in the air-water mixture, it effectively avoids the damage to the material caused by collisions, knocks, and scratches during the cleaning process.
Step Four: Air Dryer
It is dried by natural wind with large air volume and low noise fan. It is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. The air dryer is designed to be turned over and conveyed multiple times, and has a reverse and reverse wind device to prevent drying dead ends. The drying effect is good, the equipment speed is adjustable, and the conveying is stable. efficient.
Step 5: Packaging Machine
Packaging is carried out by a weighing packaging machine.
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