Seafood Oyster Shell/Conch Washing Grading And Freezing Machine Line

shell wasing gradiing and freezing machine line
The Shell/Conch Washing, Grading and Quick Freezing Line is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the cleaning speed can be set according to the process requirements; the machine has a high degree of automation and solves the traditional cleaning and sterilization methods of processing, cleaning and sterilization, and can be customized according to customer production requirements.Shell/Conch Washing, Grading and Quick Freezing Line refers to the products that Shell/Conch keeps fresh after a series of treatments such as washing, grading, and quick freezing. Consumers can cook and eat directly without further processing after purchase.
Conch Washing Grading And Freezing Machine Line
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Seafood Oyster Shell/Conch Washing Grading And Freezing Machine Line 
1.Cleaning is an important process to extend the preservation time of shell seafood. The less bacteria there are on the shell, the longer the storage time of the shell. Cleaning can not only reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria, but also wash away the cell fluid attached to the surface of the clean vegetable and reduce discoloration. This process can be cleaned with a blast-type washing machine first, and then sprayed with clean water.And we have different grading methods to choose from, size grading and weight grading.
2.Quick freezing allows food to freeze quickly, and quickly pass through the ice crystal growth zone, without damaging the cell wall, without losing tissue fluid, and maintaining the original color, original flavor and quality of the food;
3. Quick freezing does not lose food juice, and does not affect the color, taste and nutrition of thawed food. Nutrients and natural pigments will not be lost with food juice; especially Fruit and vegetable foods; according to the relevant research of experts on the destructive test of the freezing process taste and texture of frozen strawberry products, it is shown that when the ultra-low temperature quick freezing is applied, the strawberry maintains a high Tight texture.
4. Quick freezing does not lose water, reduces the surface dry consumption and dehydration of the food quick freezing process, and hardly loses weight;
5. Low-temperature quick-frozen food has bacterial growth and biological enzyme activity. The cold storage time of quick-frozen food can be as long as several months or even years. The food does not deteriorate and is safe to eat;
6. It solves the regional limitation of special delicious food, and allows the original food to be conveniently transported to all parts of the world;
Final Product
food freezing machine
Application Scenario
Technical Data
Seafood Oyster Shell/Conch Washing Grading And Freezing Machine Line
Machine name  Model  Machine Size  Power Material
Washing Machine  GGXQ2500 2500x1100x900mm Motor 0.75Kw  fan 2.2Kw 304 stainless steel
IQF Quick Freezer GGIQF-100 5500x3400x2900mm 20KW 304 stainless steel

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