Automatic Mango Washing Processing Machine Line

mango blanching machine
mango washing processing machine
mango washing machine line
The mango washing processing machine line is an automated cleaning equipment specially designed for mangoes and other tropical fruits. It uses a series of processes to ensure that mangoes meet the required cleaning standards before processing.
Washing: Mangoes first go through a pre-washing stage to remove most of the dust and impurities on the surface. Then high-pressure water flow and bubbles are used to clean the mangoes at a deeper level. It simulates manual operation and uses bubbles to wash away the dust and dirt on the surface of the fruit.
Blanching: Some mango processing lines may include heat blanching, a step that helps to kill and maintain the color of the mangoes.
mango blanching machine
Cooling: Blanched mangoes need to be cooled quickly to stop the heat treatment process and maintain the freshness of the mangoes.
Advantage of the mango washing processing machine line :
  • Automation: The mango cleaning line realizes automated operation, reducing the labor intensity and cost of manual cleaning.
  • Hygiene and safety: The entire cleaning process is completed in a closed system, avoiding external contamination and ensuring the hygiene and protection of the mangoes.
  • Energy-saving and efficient: Energy-saving designs, such as circulating water pumps and heat energy recovery systems, reduce energy consumption.
  • Flexibility: The cleaning line can be adjusted according to the size of the mangoes and cleaning requirements, adapting to different varieties of mangoes.
  • Easy maintenance: The design takes into account the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.
Application scope
The mango cleaning line is not only suitable for mangoes but also for other fruits that need to be cleaned, such as strawberries, apples, pears, etc.
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Technical Data
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