Apple Pear Peach Washing Machine For Industrial Use

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Apple Peer Peach Washing Machine
This apple washing machne adopt brush principle and water spraying function,widely used to wash round, oval type fruits and vegetables,such as apple,pear,peach ,date, mango, orange and so on.The machine has a beautiful appearance and easy to operate, large cleaning volume, high efficiency,low,energyconsumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life.Brush roll material through a special process (rolling from nylon cord), durable, good wear resistance. The machine body is made of high quality stainless steel, no rust, very clean. With water collection and circulation tank, can reuse the water and save water source.
apple washing machine
More details about the apple pear peach washing machine:
1.Use brandly new nylon type brush
2.More health; High toughness, long service life
3.Will adopt hard type or soft type brush according to raw material
4.Size of nylon can be customized
5.Connect water with water spraying system, can flow away the waste, make sure raw material can be cleaned up ,water collection and circulation tank, can reuse the water and save water source.
6.Motor is covered with stainless stell cover to make sure the safety and longer life for motor when operation.
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Technical Data
Model Power Capacity Weight Dimension
GG-2000 2.2kw 500kg/h 380kg 2000*800*1300mm
GG-4000 3+2.2kw/380v 1000kg/h 800kg 4000*1000*1400mm
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