Commercial Use Banana Chips Making Machine Line

banana chips making machine
banana chips processing line
plantain chips making machine
This banana chips making machine can be used for the industrial banana chips make, with the capacity of 100-1000kg/h.Full automatic design can help you save labor,and get the best benenfit.
banana chips making machine
The Featural Of The Banana Chips Making Machine :
1)Banana slicer:Easy operation,high output,Cut out the slice thickness uniformity,smooth surface,any adjustment,without broken.
2)Bnana chips blanching machine:banana chips to rinse,protect color.
3)De-watering machine:Using centrifugal dehydration.It can greatly shorten the cooking time, Improve the banana/plantain chips taste.Improve production efficiency,reduce production cost.
4)Fryer:This equipment is the most advanced frying equipment,bring down the cost.The oil temperature control precision, That ensure the quality of the banana/plantain chips and taste.
5)De-oiling machine:Centrifugal de-oiling machine, fried banana/plantain chips to oil removing, overcome the banana/plantain chips with high oil content,the defect of greasy.Improve the taste of the banana/plantain chips.
6)Flavoring machine:Seasoning evenly not easily broken banana chips
7)Packing machine:Filling some nitrogen in bags when packing,prevent banana/plantain chips broken,extend guarantee period.Inflate,packaging and code.
Technical Data
Plantain Chips Making Line Equipment                                                           500kg/h(Capacity)  
Equipment Name Power Size  
Plantain Chips Cutting Machine 1.1KW 900*700*1100                      
Elevator 0.55KW 1800*1100*1500  
Fryer Mamchine 120KW(henating)
oil filter 1.5KW(oil pump)  
Vibrating De-oiling Machine 0.25KW*2 Φ1.2*1.8  
Drye Machine 1.1KW(conveying)
0.55KW*6(six fans, each 0.55kw)
Elevator 0.55KW 4000*1200*1600  
Fryer Mamchine 100KW(heating+1.1KW(conveying)
1.5KW(oil pump)
oil filter 1.5KW(oil pump) 3500x1400x2200  
Vibrating De-oiling Machine  0.25KW*2 Φ1000*1500  
Drye Machine 1.1KW(conveying)+0.55KW*8
(8 fans, each 0.55kw)
Elevator 0.55KW 1800x1100x1500  
Seasoning Machine 1.5KW 1800*900*1600

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