Full Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line

french fries making line
Frozen French Fries Processing Line
French Fries Manufacturing Plant
Frozen French Fries Production Line
This automatic french fries making machine can be used to make frozen french fries or french fries,and this french fries mostly sold in supermarket,and some restaurant.This french fries making machine line with the low investment and high profitable,energy-saving,small in size and easy to maintain.
french fries making machine
This Automatic 
 Frozen French Fries Production Line include the potato washing peeling machine, french fry cutter machine, blanching machine, air dewatering machine, french fries fryer Machine, vbrate de-oil machine, air drying machine and packaging machine. : 
  • Potato washing and peeling machine:This machine is used to peeling potatoes with hard brush and emery brush; Uneven and corrugated brush can peel the potatoes completely.
  • French fries cutting machine:This machine is used to cut potato into sticks, french fries quality depends on fries length and shape, so cutting machine is very important.
  • Rinsing machine:This machine used to washing potato starch and protect potato from oxidation, keep its original color.
  • Blanching machine:This machine is used to deactivate the activity of the oxidase, take off the starch, separate out the reducing sugar, also after blanching,it will get inner soft taste of french fries.
  • Vibrating machine to de-water:Used to remove water.Also have many holes at the end of machine to leak out small part and waste part potato.
  • Dryer:Remove water, drying fries
  • Continuous frying machine:This machine is used to unified fry sticks in short time.
  • Vibrating de-oil machine:This machine is used to de-oil with the vibrating.
  • Cooling line:Use fan to blow off the water on stick surface, then deliver sticks into the freezer. 
  • Freezer:Quick-frozen french fries are conveniently packaged for storage and transportation, optimizing the taste
  • Package:Fully automatic packaging of quick-frozen french fries

Feature Of The French Fries Making Machine Line:
  • The quick-frozen French fries production line is easy to operate, powerful in function and saves investment, high yield, smooth cutting, uniform appearance of finished products, continuous and reliable.
  • The whole set is made of 304 stainless steel, which has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple operation and energy saving.
  • Frozen french fries can be kept longer than potato chips, which is why some snack bars and restaurants prefer to sell french fries boiled.
  • This production line can process high-quality frozen French fries that meet hygienic standards.
Technical Data
Item Name Power(kw) Voltage Dimension(mm)
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ 2000*800*2000
Washing and Peeling Machine 4.75 380v/50HZ 2600*900*1500
Sorting Conveyor Line 0.75 380v/50HZ 3000*900*900
Potato Chips Cutter Machine 1.5 380v/50HZ 950*800*950
Rinsing Machine 5.5 380v/50HZ 4000*1600*900
Blanching Machine 125 380v/50HZ 4000*1600*950
Air Dewatering Machine 7.1 380v/50HZ 4000x1200x1400
Sorting Conveyor Line 0.75 380v/50HZ 3000*800*950
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ 2500*800*1300
Frying Machine 123 380v/50HZ 4500x1200x2600
Vibrating Type Oil Removing Machine 1.5 380v/50HZ 1500x1000x1300
Air Drying Machine 7.1 380v/50HZ 4000x1200x1600
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ 2400x800x2200
Flavoring Machine 0.75 380v/50HZ 2600*1000*1600

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